The original company, Micro Solution Integrators (MSI) was formed in 1995. MSI provided information technology services to companies across industries such as Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Financial Services, Retail and Publishing. The company focused on enterprise applications with a special focus on databases and Internet applications. Over the years, the company grew at a rate of 50% or greater annually by providing solutions such as:

  • Enterprise HR systems integration
  • Database integration of CRM
  • Design and implementation of LAN and WAN
  • Implementation of Data Warehouses and Data Marts
  • Internet solutions
  • Developed parallel database management systems using DB2 and Oracle
  • Database performance and tuning

As the company transitioned and evolved over time, it became apparent that our core corporate strength was database integration and it’s associated database applications.

About Us
As companies shifted their focus to mission critical enterprise applications, we continued to provide database solutions. Today, Database Integrators is one of the only companies completely focused and specialized in the integration of databases in enterprise systems. We have extensive experience with DB2 in the SAP environment, as well as Oracle and SQL in other enterprise systems. As the need for instantaneous information continues to grow, we will be there to help make the integration of your enterprise databases a seamless transition.


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